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Get to Know Our Roots


MAMA’s Mission is to empower musicians through education, collaboration, and performance opportunities in efforts to strengthen the greater Montana music community.

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MAMA's Vision is to enhance the power of a sustainable, connected and supportive local music industry. We work to uplift and inspire musicians by: 

  • providing educational programs and performance opportunities for musicians of all abilities

  • connecting the music community to opportunities throughout Montana

  • creating a healthy and motivated musical environment through venue and business partnerships

  • encouraging fair pay

  • acknowledging the accomplishments of musicians across Montana


  • Equity

  • Diversity 

  • Creativity 

  • Individuality


From the beginning the Missoula Area Music Association has been a connected effort. On January 15th, 2019 two strangers of different musical backgrounds started the conversation at Wave & Circuit of what opportunity and fair wages could look like in Missoula, MT's music scene.  After discussing the themes in the music community (loss of venue, lack of consistency in pay, lack of advocacy for the artist, and other topics regarding the music scene) Maria Zepeda & Anthony Brown decided to start holding  meetings with working class members of the Missoula music scene to inspire a change in how musicians could work together for the bettterment of the community. On February 21st, 2019, MAMA held its first official meeting. This meeting of 13 people acted as a sounding board that created the base of what MAMA can become. MAMA's OG13  consists of the talented Cole Grant, Rebecca Kelley, Silas Smith, Kiavash Adibzadeh, Matt Olson, Callie Morris, Sarah Marker, Ra Bes (Wayne Steele), Joshua Chai, Jesse Williams, Naomi Siegel, Maria Zepeda, and Anthony Brown.

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